WIT (By Margaret Edson)


The play was staged to raise awareness about, and funds for, the Nairobi Hospice, which for many years has provided comfort and support to families and patients facing the final stages of terminal illness.

The Play: Dr Vivian Bearing is a professor of English literature whose life takes a turn when she is diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer. During the course of the story we glimpse periodical flashes back to previous moments in her life, including her childhood, her graduate school studies, and her career prior to her diagnosis. Interspersed with poetry by John Donne, the 15th Century English metaphysical poet and cleric in the Church of England, the play echoes Donne’s strong, sensual style, bounding along with his and the playwright’s vibrant language. Wit gives the actor an chance to give the performance of a lifetime; a dream role in a world with so few opportunities for the older artist.

Cast: Dan Aceda, Sahil Gada, Mũmbi Kaigwa, Fridah Muhindi, Musa Mwaruma, Mugambi Nthiga, Njoki Ngumi, Sam Psenjen and Wangui Thang’a. Directed by Nyambura Waruingi and Set Design by Phillipe Gourdin.